Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Memories

Even the saddest things can become, once we have made peace with them, a source of wisdom and strength for the journey that still lies ahead.
(Frederick Buechner, from the book "A Grace Disguised," by Jerry Sittser, pg. 92)

Valentines Day today. Would you like to share some memories? . . . At what moment did you "know" you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your spouse? When did you fall in love? Widows are sharing their memories today, and we'd all love for you to join us. Just click the comment line at the bottom of this post and add your thoughts.
Joannah  When Michael told me he wanted to "take care of me". That just melted my heart because it showed how kind and nurturing he was.
Candy  On our 1st date. We went with a group of couples from our college to a boat show on Lake Michigan. Right after the bus dropped us off, it started raining. Our wet appearance didn't put a damper on the date and I knew this was the man for me.
Teresa   The first evening that I met Doug in person ,on a blind date, we both reacted in the same manner to the other girl in the car declaring "That's my song!" and turning the radio up. I knew he was the one. We had been writing letters for a month at that point, so I knew about his inner person somewhat. That was Washington's birthday weekend 1973. By the end of March, he had asked me to marry him and on 9/10/1973, we said "til death do us part." We were so young, so naive, so determined. It was a good 37 years, ten months and nine days and we both wanted more.
Maria  With Kevin, it was a day after our first date and he showed up at my dorm on his motorcycle carting a dozen roses and a bottle of wine - then proceeded to serenade me on his guitar. My heart went to a place unknown, and still goes there when I think of him, even though he is with the Lord. Funny thing is, we were not fans of Valentine's Day. We did "Song of Solomon" day instead! ;) 
♥ Joann  Our first official date was Dec 15, 1981. Two weeks later on New Years's eve, Mark told me that if I made it through 1982 with him, I would not finish 1983 as a single woman. We both knew from that night on that we both knew we would be married and we did in March of 83. In 27 years we never doubted it once, and it was strong and good till his death parted us.
♥ Cindy A. With Nelson, it was when he moved cross country to live closer to me. We had dated for 3 years in NJ. He was not growing up...we were 21 at the time. So I decided to move to CA and have some fun being single. Well after a year, he couldn't stand it anymore and he moved cross country himself to prove to me that he had grown up and changed. He did...and we were soon engaged and married a year later. Happily married for 11 years!!.....With Joseph, I knew we were going to get married on our first date. We were at a Chinese restaurant and I just knew it!! It took him 7 more years to propose but I got him! He actually put the ring in a fortune cookie after we had a Chinese dinner! So sweet! And happily married now for 2 and a half years!!
  ♥ Ferree For me, with my first husband, Bruce, it was one time when he picked me up from an event, and as we drove back to MBI, I thought, "I'd love to do this for the rest of my life." It felt so right, so comfortable . . .
And now with Tom, he first gave me a dozen roses that really caught my attention. But when he gave me a rubberband gun, I knew he was "the one." He understood me and my quirky sense of humor and fun!

Talk on! When did you fall in love?


  1. When Jake's car turned unto the driveway,I knew this was the man I would marry.I had known him for several years and resisted his advances,but on that day,after much prayer,I knew he was all I ever wanted.38 ½ years later God needed him in heaven.I miss you so much my love.

  2. I just "knew"that Buck was the answer to my prayers on our day-long first date to Skyline Drive. He was a gentle, warm, fun, handsome, manly man, who had his priorities right: loving his Lord above all else! I had to look away so he wouldn't see the tears rolling down my cheeks, as we drove through the mountains, on the day I fell in love with him. When he took me back, to propose on a mountain-top just seven months later, he confessed that he too, had turned away to hide his tears of joy! Buck was the best gift the Lord ever gave to me, and i miss him and his love more than I can express!.

  3. These love stories are wonderful--Ruth and Renee' --you were truly blessed!

  4. matt and I didn't celebrate valentine's day. However - it coincides with large events in our becoming Us. We'd been courting for months - strictly platonic (ahem). One day he came into the coffee shop and asked if I wanted some meat - see, we'd planned to have dinner with a mutual friend, and when they cancelled, he still had a pork roast defrosted, and in his very nervous way, was actually asking if I would have dinner with him. When I said yes, he rushed out, forgetting his keys, saying he had to go get started on dinner right away. He came back in to get his keys, and I told him I would eventually need to know where he lived. He had no idea it was valentines day. I didn't point it out until much later, as it isn't a holiday I celebrate. For him, he also just rarely noticed the date.

    Anyway. Three days later, I cooked dinner for him. The next day we went to a movie and, without saying a word, he picked up my hand in the darkness and just held it. Through the whole movie. That was the beginning. 7 years ago this week.

  5. My husband Duke and I had our 1st date when we were 16. We went to a movie. For the life of me, I can't remember what movie it was, but it cost 25 cents to get in, and he called his mom from a pay phone to come pick us up when it was over. Showing my age here. We married at 21, so young, and had 3 children. We were married 40 years when he died. We didn't really celebrate Valentine's day. My birthday is the day before. Duke has been gone for 6 years, and I miss him as much now as the day he died.


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