Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christian Dating Sites

Surf the web for two minutes and you'll find a Pandora's Box full of dating websites. As I mentioned on Monday, Tom and I met online in a Christian dating site. However, I'd never give a blanket endorsement to online dating services! And the site we used is not listed here; I think it's changed it names since then. But a lot of couples meet online, and there are advantages! I think the best thing is that you're penpals for a while and that lets you get to know quite a bit about the person without the detraction of appearances.
A word of caution: I want to let you know that when I signed up for an online service, besides mothball man, and some very nice new friends, there was one guy on the website who gave me the creeps. I removed myself from the service listing, reported him and he was kicked out. Tom had a similarly weird experience with a woman, but don't let that deter you from trying online dating. Just make sure you have the backbone to click "delete."
Here's a list of a few websites. We call them "online dating services" but not everyone is looking for a date. Some people will be too far away to date, but you can become online pals and it's so nice to have a new friend to talk to. Even if you don't sign up for these, you can visit the sites, see how they work, find some helpful tips. Be sure to read their safety tips and dating guidelines. Best of all, you'll find out you're not alone.
P.S. welcome Shirley--thank you for joining this site, and I look forward to visiting your blog and adding it to my blogroll. :)

Christian Cafe  This site claims to be the only Christian owned site, plus it's been in business since 1999 and offers a free 10-day trial. Read the FAQ's, the article about dating safety, and check out their blog for tons of great articles. In 2011, the single's ministry outreach of Focus On The Family-- Boundless-- joined forces with Christian Cafe, so that's a strong endorsement in my opinion. I can't really generalize about pricing---the longer time you sign up for, the less you pay. When I checked, it was $34.95 for one month, but it's only $109.95 for one year.

Christian Singles Match is a communication forum for never-married and widowed people to meet one another. They post a strong opinion about divorce, so if you'd have a problem with that you'll want to visit other sites instead. Be mindful that this is not a dating service. Rather, you join the forums and conversations, and you might find someone you'd like to develop a relationship with. There is no subscription or registration cost.

eHarmony. You've probably seen the ads on TV, etc. This is the #1 most trusted online dating site, serving diverse types of adults---all sorts of religions, sexual preferences, age groups. There are Christian, Senior and local search groups that I think my readers would be most interested in. eHarmony's questionnaire is extensive, the price of $59.98 for one month or $251.41 for a year is for those seriously looking for compatibility. With claims that over 500 people get married everyday because of eHarmony, though, one might consider it one of today's better investments. I had a technical question about linking to the eHarmony website, but it's easily found with a Google search. is a free online service for finding friends, dates or romance. It's free to join. Your profile information will not be as extensive as other sites, so you'll have no long questionnaires to fill out. You will need to filter the members you meet through your own set of standards and preferences. They run a disclaimer that they do not do background checks on their members. This does not necessarily mean that other sites do---but please, you must follow the safety guidelines everywhere.

Again, this list is not an endorsement for these sites. I'm not recieving any compensation from them. And this is not a complete list, it's only a sampling. If you know of Christian online dating services you'd like to recommend please send me the link in the comment box. I won't publish spam, but I'd be happy to list others. I'd also love to hear your online dating experiences, too! Thank you.

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  1. I think I can make more friends through the ChristianMingle, hope this would be a good start.


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