Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin

I feel like we've been through a hard week with facing all this dating stuff and it's baggage. So today, let's take time to rest in the Lord.

We sang this song in church last Sunday. One of our praise team singers is a widow. To see her face full of glory as she sang, placing her hand over her heart at points where the words touched her . . . well . . . she brought tears of gratitude to my own eyes. The Lord has promised good to each of us, and He will deliver! His forever kingdom, where mercy flows, is open to all . . .

Why not set aside five minutes of quiet to view this video today? As as you listen to the familiar song, let your thoughts turn to recall moments of God's amazing grace in your own life. Look forward to the day when chains of grief will dissolve and ". . . like a flood, His mercy reigns . . ."

Count on Him, dear sister.


  1. Hello Ferree,

    I cannot tell you what a blessing you and your blog are to me! You are a refreshing drink in the wilderness.

    As a new widow I appreciate all the wisdom and experience I find here.

    It has been just three months and nine days since my "treasure" went to heaven.

    One of my surprises is how weary one becomes physically and mentally even though one is content and grateful and trusting wholeheartedly in God's sweet promises.

    I'm thankful He has given me enough strength to return to work. That is only His strength in my great weakness.

    I do experience God's love every day, in ways that are so tender and personal, in every aspect of life.

    I have kept a gratitude journal for 31 years now and it keeps me aware of how abundant are the blessings I enjoy.

    My dear heavenly Father just keeps thinking up new ways to bless me. One of my favourite verses is Psalm 31:19. "How great is His goodness which He has treasured up for those who trust in Him in the sight of the sons of men."

    The more I tell people I trust in God, the more He blesses me.

    I have no doubt that in His perfect time I will be strengthened and healed and deepened and enriched to bless others.

    God has put some dear sweet Christian widows in my life who are the best comforters ever. I appreciate each one so much. And in answer to my prayers He has expanded my friendships.

    God has also brought exactly the right books into my life. They nourish and feed my spirit. I can't take in much more than a page or a paragraph, and that is enough.

    I find the typical "comfort in sorrow" books just make me feel worse, so I just read ordinary books that help me mature and open Scripture up for me.

    The hardest questions for me to answer are: How are you doing? Are you feeling better yet? How are you? Most people don't have a clue about grief, and don't even understand the answers. Some don't listen for an answer. I don't feel like sharing my soul with a casual questioner, especially the bright and perky ones. How to be honest, yet not have to share too much. How to be polite and yet understand that although they mean well, their questions are more disturbing than kind. Most folks just want a three word answer. Fine, thank you. Perhaps sometime you could discuss gracious responses to folks, some who care, and some who really don't. I am asking the Lord to keep me gracious and loving in my words and attitudes. Perhaps, here too, it is a case of dying to self, to the desire to be understood or listened to.

    You are filling a real need here on the web. You have created a place where we can come, share our hearts and know that we are understood, and feel safe. What a priceless privilege! God has certainly raised you up for such a time as this.

    Wishing you ever increasing joy!
    Honey Bee

  2. Dear Bee,
    You're a honey! Thanks so much for your kind words even in the midst of your loss. Your grateful spirit and love for God shine through.
    "How are you?" was a question I dreaded, too, so I think there are probably a number of others who'd like to discuss. Let's do it! Be watching for it over the next couple weeks, OK?
    You mentioned a gratitude journal, and that's a really important step in navigating grief, too. I'd love to hear more of how the Lord has used that in your life. Maybe we can email about it. My email is
    May God continue to guide and comfort you with his love and faithfulness.

  3. This song was sung at my husband's funeral. Thanks for sharing it! I wanted it because even though I was grieving, I had the FULL CONFIDENCE that all of Rick's chains were gone and he had truly been SET FREE! :) ♥

  4. What a glorious thought at a funeral!! brings tears to my eyes, and I thank you. *


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