Saturday, January 14, 2012

That's My King Dr. S.M. Lockridge - [OFFICIAL]

A few weeks ago I urged everyone to the practice of daily Bible reading. Cool things come together when we do that, so I'd like to share some thoughts God pulled together for me earlier this week.
While reading Psalm 5 I saw that a strong king struggled with praying and waiting on God, and I wondered "How can royal King David's experience relate to me, a modern, "unroyal" woman?"

Open up your own Bible to Psalm 5 and see if you see the same things I did:

verse 1: King David is sighing and asking God to listen---yes, I do my fair of sighing, too. And David asks God to listen---a request preceded by God not listening? hmmm, did David sometimes feel like his prayers bounce back unreceived, too?

verse 2: King David has a King over him---the same King (God) as I do!

verse 3: King David starts his day in prayer & waiting & anticipation---same here!

verse 4: King David's prayer is ground in God's character---this is a really important way to pray

verse 7: King David's commitment to God is reinforced with his actions of worship and reverence---I'll be in church tomorrow morning, but I can also practice the presence of God all week long

verse 8: King David needs God's leading---me, too!

verse 9: King David describes his enemies and asks God to judge them---wow, this is probably not "politically correct" but when there are issues like human trafficking (see Wednesday's post), I need to step up to the plate!

verse 11: King David requests a contrasting and obvious blessing on God's people---Amen!

After considering all these verses, and realizing that King David and I had a lot in common, it struck me like thunder that I am a daughter of The King of Kings! And then, the video I've included today was played in church shortly after, reminding me again of my King. God is mighty, indeed!
Thanks for letting me share all this with you today.


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  1. I always love hearing the "That's My King" audio. I'd never seen a video put with it. Thanks for posting, Ferree.


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