Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Parenting Video Series Might Be In Your Area

4 Minute Tour from Church Initiative on Vimeo.

This is a tough one, but may I suggest that if you're a widowed mom with young children, why not visit this video series?  Just go to the Single And Parenting website to find if there's a group near you. Call the church and talk to the group facilitators. Let them know your situation, ask if it would be valuable material for a widow. One of the sessions is on conflict resolution/communication and probably involves dealing with divorce. You might not want to hear that one at this point, so see if the facilitator can understand your position.

Doing everything you can to wisely parent your children is something you will never regret. And, I think you'll agree, in this day and age it's hard enough to raise children when there are two parents! But if you honestly seek to do all you can to raise your kids, let me assure you that God will step in and take care of the rest. Kids grow fast, though, so find all the help you can today.

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