Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Woman of The Year!

Each and every widow deserves the “Woman of The Year” award in my opinion, don’t you agree? Widows are among the most courageous, interesting and amazing people in the world!

That’s why every Wednesday I try to bring you a widow's story. Whether from the Bible, history books, the news headlines or the great women I've met through this blog, the stories of how God works through widows always amaze me.
Look how many stories we've covered in 2011!

Widows from history: Annie S. Hawks, Louisa Stead, Sarah Josephina Hale, Biddy Chambers, Mary Ferree, Elizabeth Warren
Widows of today: Elisabeth Elliot, Christina Cassidy, Cynthia Bezek, Jennifer Sands, Elaine Cook, Grace Fabian, Mandy Smith, Sandra Aldrich and Polly, Sandra H., Rebecca, Kelly L., Ruth H., Lois, Teri, Jenn, Shearon, Eleanor, and Britt (widower)
Widows of the Bible: Widow of Zarephath; Naomi, Ruth and Orpah; The Poor Widow of Mark 12; Anna; Abijah

If you’re a widow (or widower), I hope you find Widows Christian Place a good, safe and useful oasis on your journey through grief. Feel free to introduce yourself. I'll help you tell your story here, too, if you’d like. You might be surprised at how much help it will bring to others and what a significant step it can be for you. Also, be sure to e-mail your tribute for our Memorial Wall tab at the top of the blog:

I look forward to meeting many more widows in 2012. I count it a privilege because YOU are my WOMAN OF THE YEAR!
God bless!


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