Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are You Lonely Tonight?

Well---deep breath---it's Christmas Eve. It seems like some have been dreading this time, carrying it like a heavy barbell for months. Others, grief is so recent, it feels like the reindeer have trampled your heart instead of your rooftop.  And some are choosing to acknowledge that although life is different, in many ways it's not diminished; they see surprising insights, miracles and unexpected kindnesses.

But for all of us, the spectre of loneliness stands at attention, waiting and ready to step alongside. Loneliness will wrap icy fingers over our eyes so that all we see is darkness, all we hear is our own heartbeat. If Loneliness is within reach of you today, I urge you to click on this article and cling to it like a life-saver. Sometimes the loneliest place on earth is in a crowd, among family, or in church. These words will keep you from going down.

Please click on the link and consider it a gift to yourself. I think you'll agree it tells what Christmas is all about---Emmanuel---Our God Is With Us. That's the good news of Christmas Eve. May you find rest and peace this weekend.


  1. This would have been Don's and my 30th Christmas together! I play over in my mind all of our Christmases...and I'm happy I'm here to continue our enjoyment of our granddaughter's (grandson adopted after Don died) Christmases! He would have loved watching them open their presents and enjoy the day!

    Merry Christmas to you Ferree!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Theanne! Precious memories and blessed days ahead for you and yours.

  3. I'm so thankful I found your blog. My beloved husband passed away on November 16, 2011. We had 26 good years together. We have no children.

    It means so much to be able to learn from those who have travelled this road ahead. It helps to know what to expect and how others have faced similar situations.

    I thank you for your kind and gentle wisdom and constant encouragement.

    Your ministry meets a real need. I try to check in on weekends when I am not working.

    God bless you abundantly.

    Honey Bee

  4. Honey Bee, God bless you in this time of mourning. I'm so sorry for you loss, 26 good years is priceless. I hope this blog will continue to encourage you . . . and someday when you don't need to visit here anymore, I hope you'll continue to simply because we've become friends.

  5. My last Christmas with my Beloved was spent with him in the hospital, fighting for his life. We decorated his hospital room and exchanged gifts. He came home that time, but did not live to see another Christmas.

    This Christmas Eve, Mom and I spent the day visiting friends and going to church. As each year passes, new memories/relationships help ease the pain of that time.

  6. Susan, your touching words bring hope to widows who see themselves in the same sort of passages. How good to know that the new memories do not erase, rather they ease your pain. blessings on you in this new year to come! thank you for your good words. *


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