Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Death Diet

I'm sorry for the awful name, but there's no way around it--when the husband dies, it's like the body goes one way or the other--you either can't eat, or you can't eat enough! Most widows find themselves one way or another--weight will not remain the same. It's The Death Diet: Pants either get too loose or too tight.  It's like the body takes over and decides it will act out the empty hole of loss by losing weight, or it will compensate and satiate itself and fill that emptiness with food!
Either way, a dose of good nutrition and exercise will help in the long run. And with the Thanksgiving feast just a day away, you can get the upper hand on the fight with your pants if you decide ahead of time what you need to do. For nutrition, exercise tips and recipes, try nutrition expert Pam Smith's website, and sign up for her free e-mail newsletter. This month she shares crucial news about diabetes and how to stabilize blood-sugar.
Grief can be physically traumatic, so it's a wise widow who schedules a physical for herself, and takes care of her health. Pam Smith's Living Well Newsletter is an added boost in the right direction. I read her book "Take Charge of The Change" several years ago. Her advice is very reasonable and with a good emphasis on the spiritual side, too--a good prescription to counteract "The Death Diet." Her website is packed with solid information, and the newsletter is always welcome in my mailbox.

I'd love to hear your recommendations for taking care of your health during grief. Click on the comment box or email me at WCplace@gmail.com Try to give yourself a day off from grief on Thursday--you don't have to be thankful your loved one is gone (!) but rather, choose to concentrate on being thankful for the people and good things that still surround your life. It's a hard choice, and it'll take a conscious effort, but I guarantee some gratitude will help make the day and the months to come much better.
Sure, we can rant about diets and how we need to lose weight and exercise, but you know what? When I sit down to that dinner at my daughter's house on Thursday, I'm going to be grateful that God gave us tastebuds! Imagine eating food without flavor--wouldn't that be boring and awful? chew, chew chew, swallow, may as well eat a bale of hay. Flavors, on the other hand, are delightful! I'm thankful for good flavors and the sense of taste today. :)


  1. Thanks for the link to Pam's website. I lost weight, regained it, and now and losing again (I need to). My annual checkup was 3 weeks after my husband died, the doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication - said it would be forever. I knew my BP was up temporarily,(still the adrenaline rush). I tried to explain this to the doc. I never filled the RX, I found natural ways to reduce my BP again, back to where it was before my husband died. I purchased a digital, talking BP monitor and use that to stay on track.

  2. Good for you, Teri! I'm so glad you could resolve your blood pressure without popping a pill, and that you found some healthy ways to deal with that issue. Now if only your dr would have understood the physical effect of grief. I wonder if there have been any studies or research on that . . . Thanks for your comment, Teri!

  3. This is a timely reminder. I don't know if you saw my blog post on Widow's Voice yesterday but I talk about my widow diet. My pants waist has definitely been stretched to the max! You can find it here: http://widowsvoice-sslf.blogspot.com/2011/11/f-word.html.

  4. Wendy, I did see it--a great article about the f word---as in
    f-a-t! Ha! I did'nt get a chance to comment on it, but I thank you for the link, and have a nice Thanksgiving! :)


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