Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Single Living Skill: Soul Food

If we could see the souls of people like we see their bodies, do you think they'd be just as skinny or plump, short or tall, old or young, happy or sad as the people we see every day? Imagine! I'll bet folks would get interested in health, fashion and exercise for their soul mighty quick!

Well, I'm glad my soul is unseen. The body gives me enough problems of its own! But I do realize that at times I'm spiritually much happier and healthier and it often depends on what sort of "soul food" I'm taking in---or if I'm taking any at all.

A daily "Quiet Time" is food for your soul. Just as we take time to nourish our bodies with food and vitamins, we need to take time each day to build ourselves up spiritually. It's an intentional time to visit with God. He "speaks" to us through what we read in the Bible; we speak to Him through prayer; and if we've become a follower of Christ, a child of God, a believer, a Christian or whatever other way you like to define it, there is an added element of having the Holy Spirit residing inside which brings spiritual insight, comfort, peace, understanding and so much more.

My quiet time is first thing in the morning along with a hot cup of coffee, piece of toast with melty peanut butter or a muffin. I follow a Bible reading schedule just about every day, I write down the verses or thoughts that catch my interest, and then I talk to God about them plus the many things in my life I'm concerned about. That's my "soul food," and each day God serves up tasty and delightful ideas, encouragement and strength!

I also subscribe to free quiet time help at this website
 How about you? Do you intentionally nourish yourself spiritually? I'd love to hear about the devotionals, Bible reading plans, books or websites you use. Feel free to share your tips for soul food today.

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