Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Widow's Story: Outrageous Grace by Grace Fabian

Grace Fabian, July 2011
This lady doesn't look so outrageous, does she?
Although her name is Grace, Outrageous Grace refers to her book, and the Lord's work of forgiveness in her life, her childrens' lives, and an entire tribe of people she loves, the Nabak tribe in Paupau New Guinea.

I was privileged to meet Grace in 2006 when we "just happened" to end up together as roommates at Montrose Christian Writers Conference in Montrose, PA.

We were both surprised to find out that we'd both been widowed and we were both there to investigate whether or not we should write a book---mine would be about God's guidance for widows from the Bible's book of Ruth. Grace's would be about God's sustaining guidance and grace after she found her husband murdered while translating
1 Corinthians 13, known to so many Christians as the love chapter.

Grace's book, Outrageous Grace, has already sold thousands of copies (mine's still a work in progress), and is earning recognition as one of the greatest missionary stories of our time! I saw her again in July and received my own copy of it. I couldn't put it down! I'd heard her story from her own lips late into the night as we sat on our beds like schoolgirls the first time we met. I wept then, and I was moved again as I discovered the parts of her life she was humbly quiet about that night---her husband's narrow escape from eastern Europe in World War 2, the stress and injustice of the murder trial and investigation, and how her own life was verbally threatened and physically harrassed in the months following the murder!

Driving home from meeting with Grace this year, I had a chance to listen to her on a CD speaking on the deep, ever faithful goodness, kindness and love from the hand of God--an incredible message from a widow who's husband was brutally murdered! God's grace IS outrageous, and Grace IS amazing!

But do you know what? God offers the same love, grace, and relationship to all widows--even you, even me. We learn about it through this fellowship in suffering-- by reading about a role model like Grace to learn her secrets, by encouraging each other in grief support groups like a local GriefShare or widows group, or by the Facebook group Lifeboat, and most importantly-- by seeking a vital, living relationship with our God who is standing with us. Let me know if I can help you connect with Him or with Grace, or any support groups.  ferree


  1. It really is interesting who God puts right next to us at Montrose. Great to see Grace here on your blog, and to hear her book is getting great acclaim. Quite a story! Quite a lady!

  2. You can learn more about Grace and her book at her website:

  3. Thank you for mentioning Grace's website. For convenience I had embedded her website in this story--so simply click the underlined word above. I also have her listed in my blogroll (scroll down sidebar on right), so her website can always be easily accessed from this blog anytime. The work of God in her life is wonderful and I don't want anyone to miss it. :)


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