Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grief Relief

Do you wonder, What now? When will this grief let up? Why is it so hard? What's the next step?

Visit this site and download the PDF for a very good all-in-one focus on grief. What it means, what to expect, and how to get through it.

Hope Is Here

Now that's what I call a perfect name for their website! I found out about this by looking up a book that Carol recommended, Living At Peace With Loss, by June Hunt.
Thanks for speaking up, Carol! Others might find the same hope and peace of God's Word as you have!
P.S. Read Carol's starting-out story here, and then catch up with her news on the homefront of an upcoming wedding anniversary and how her new prince of a husband recently adopted her children as his own! Friend me on Facebook and I'll add you to our private group where you'll get to know Carol and other great widows!


  1. Thanks for posting the link to this site. I printed out the PDF, it is exactly what I needed at this time. The last few weeks have been difficult and I felt like I was going backwards.

  2. I'm so glad you found it helpful, Teri. Sometimes it does feel like two steps forward, three steps back. The challenges seem huge, I'm sure, but there's no denying that you're moving along overall.


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