Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fun Blogs

It's Friday--time for a grin.

If you ever need a good laugh or grandfatherly advice, visit "The Old Geezer Blog." Here's one of his posts that I guarantee will give you a laugh: A Cup of Tea.

And if a picture is worth 1000 words, Cake Wrecks is worth 1000 licks of frosting!

To top the list off, or bottom it off--which makes sense since it's at the bottom of this list, but doesn't make sense because this is a very therapuetic idea that could really change anyone's outlook on life--visit my MBI girlfriend's blog post about lists, aptly called Making A List. It's not a laugh-out-loud post, but it'll do your heart some good! :)

There are loads of fun-loving blogs out there. Which ones are your favorites? And, along the lines of Jan's blog, what would be on your list of seeing God's hand in your life today?

Here's a start to mine:
  • Sunrise on a sky of robin egg blue with slate gray streaks of clouds--beautiful!
  • Rain-soaked grass turning bright green at the end of September
  • The chime of the hall clock reminding me of a new day to witness God's gifts--will I raise my hands in praise or drop my knees in surrender? 
  • It's all good 

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