Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where Do You Go To Relax?

Today I'd like to refer you to a resource hosted by a friend of mine, Cindy Steffen. She has a deep interest and love for nature, and she has the ability to help people grow closer to God by teaching them the testimony of His creation.

She's also taught me about "rest" and to appreciate our innate need for physical, spiritual and emotional rest.

Here are her blogs. Just looking at the photos relaxes me. I think you'll enjoy them, too. Or you might be motivated to take a walk in the woods or start bird-watching. I'm sure both would helpful!

Another thing Cindy offers are various retreats at her home in the unique ecosystem of Adams County in southern Ohio. For more information go to her website:

If you're lamenting that you're no where near Ohio to take advantage of this offering, check with your church for various camps and retreat centers they recommend. They probably also have Bible camps or grief camps for kids! Summer camps are not only a vacation, they are an investment in spiritual fitness!

I'd love to hear about the special places you go for rest and recreation.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks,Ferree for the post!

    Heart By Nature has a retreat coming up on October 22...just when the trees are at peak color and the weather is nice and cool (hopefully!)


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