Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Single Living Skill: Praying for your kids

If you have children in school, I highly recommend joining a Moms In Touch prayer group.

Let's face it, our kids need all the prayer they can get! And if you've never heard another mom pray for your kids---well, all I can say is there's no greater joy. Another mom knows what they need as well as you do--sometimes even better!

Moms In Touch prayer groups are on a tight schedule and focused mission of prayer and prayer alone. But it's structured and guided. You don't talk about prayer requests, the leader takes you right into praying through scripture which applies to your children, their school and even their teachers and classes.

Check it out today! Also scroll down to view the video below from the founder of Moms In Touch.
Moms In Touch


  1. MIT has been blessing my school for years. They are a wonderful group of ladies.

  2. Joannah, you've had a front row ticket to the blessing of MIT's at your school! I should have mentioned that grand-moms are welcome to participate, too. There's no better use of our time and effort in my opinion. :)


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