Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Single Living Skill: Cleaning Routine

If you are feeling foggy and a little distracted--and that's putting it mildly-- chances are your house and routine are showing the effects! Sometimes the floors, the kitchen, the laundry, bathrooms, dusting, pets, and wondering where in the world you put the last thingamajig get to be overwhelming!

This website comes highly recommended from a friend of mine who's been using it for a few weeks. I might try it myself! Warning, though, the home page is so full of colors and icons it can be too much for 'widow brain,' so here's what you do: just move your mouse over to the left sidebar, and scroll down to Beginner Baby Steps. That's all you need to get started! Yay!


Check back tomorrow. And if you friend me, Ferree Hardy, on Facebook, I'll add you to our private Lifeboat group which is becoming more and more like an online support group. You'll meet others 'in the same boat,' and find friends who understand and encourage. If you find it's not for you, just click Opt Out. It's that easy.

And now, I've got to go clean my kitchen sink.


  1. I came across that website several years ago when I started downsizing and then forgot about it. I'm hoping the move into the RV will help me to stay organized. Right now, with all of the extra room in the house, things just take over the space. I figured I've done enough cleaning for my lifetime and am looking forward to a small space - less daily cleaning to do.

  2. Hi Teri I know what you mean about things taking over the space! Where does it all come from???!!
    I envy your move to the RV tho. For now I'm afraid streamlining and efficiency will just be in my dreams. :)

  3. Love the website and am so glad for your FB "Life Boat." My friend just lost her husband on Saturday at 34 or 35. I am going to suggest your group and website when she is ready. Question: How long should I wait to pass along your site? I know that when someone's spouse dies they get so much shoved at them. I want to be sensitive. Thanks Feree!

  4. Hi Marlena, I'm so sorry about your friend, but so glad you're there for her. Wait several weeks, maybe 3-8, and then just let her know it's available, especially Lifeboat. Several widows her age are in the group. Ask the Lord "when" and He'll time it just right. In the meantime I'll pray for her--and you! :)


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