Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Single Living: Home Repairs

"Stay calm," I told myself. I was a little uncomfortable, but nothing hurt. Luckily I was laying on my bed, flat on my back, arms spread out. I could have snapped my fingers to summon the butler--if I had a butler. Next best thing--snap at the kids, but they were all at school.

Elmer, AKA Fluff For Brains

Elmer, one of my cats came in, jumped on the bed, stepped over my face, stepped up onto the large and heavy mirror I was under, laid down and started to purr. I was pinned by a mirror with a cat on top.

Kind of like a fly under a flyswatter, except I wasn't smashed. I wished I was smashed, but I wasn't; it was just another day of widow-meets-home-decorating-challenges.

Score: MIRROR - 1
          WIDOW - 0

I'm mirror-free now. I wriggled out from under the thing before the kids got home. What are your most embarrassing home repair stories? If you haven't had any yet, then click the link below and to start the DIY and build yourself some LOL memories!

Home Repairs That Shouldn't Require A (Handy) Man (Parenthesis added)


  1. My family and friends make fun of me because at one time I would attempt just about anything on my own. With age however, some of the things I did when I first became a widow, I don't try anymore.
    I don't have a story as funny as yours, but I was embarrassed once when the toilet backed up and I couldn't get it unclogged. I ended up having to call a plumber. He had to remove the toilet and then found a tennis ball stuck in it. Thanks to my dogs!

  2. Hi Myra--great story! Dogs do love tennis balls and their own personal water fountain--aka the bathroom toilet! I'll bet that's not the first tennis ball that plumber found. :) and good for you on the home repairs!

  3. This is not exactly home repair, more like home maintenance, but one of those things Dan would have known not to do. About a month after he passed away, I was running a hose out to put water in the cows' trough. Since it was winter, I had to be sure the hoses drain or they'd freeze (& it takes a lot of buckets to fill that trough without a hose). So I unhooked the hose at the faucet to let it drain - but I didn't think to take the other end out of the trough. The next day the cows were mooing loudly. I went to fill their trough & discovered it totally dry! Turns out I'd siphoned out all the water I'd put in, and they were quite thirsty.

  4. That sounds like something I would do, Ruth! (Actually reminds me of something I did!) Good thing cows have a knack at getting our attention :)


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