Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Single Moms & Those Who Love Them

Do single parents have unique challenges and needs?

When I was widowed I certainly felt the brunt of those challenges and needs--but not knowing what they were was like running an obstacle course with a blindfold on!

WIDOWS WITH KIDS: Today's link is to an article that is not for the weak-at-heart. That's my warning label. If you're a single mom, you'll find this article is full of insight and practical direction for daily life, BUT if you're feeling a little weak today, read it another time, because it could cause a major pity-party. OR read it with a friend who has good encouragement skills!


OTHERS: If you're a widow or widower who's kids are out of the house, or if you're a friend of a widow, click the link to plug into the needs of young widows and single moms. You'll be better equipped to pray for them and offer some meaningful help. They might not know it or admit it, but they desperately need you!

Monika Hellwig, the author, was a single mom with three adopted children, a girl and two boys, when she wrote this.

For more insight into single-parenting, scroll down to Saturday, Aug. 6 post.

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