Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching Up

I'm so glad you are reading this today, and I'm looking forward to being back to my regular posting routine. For the month of May I cut back to just once a week in hopes of making some progress on a book I've been working on. Turns out that maybe God had me cut back like that because of all the other things that He knew would be going on in my life! I love my book and think it'll be pretty amazing, but I'm learning to let it rest with the Lord and depend on His direction and timing for it.
Michaela, born 5/18/11
Isn't she the cutest!

Anyway, I wanted to catch up on some of the happenings and connections I thought you'd be interested in.

First off, congratulations to Joannah at Beauty for Ashes on the birth of Michaela! Visit her blog, read some older posts and see the amazing story of this baby's conception after Michael died in March 2010. Last year Joannah left this comment on the May 3rd post of this blog. She said...

I want to remember and have others remember Michael, too. We have two frozen embryos from our failed IVF cycle last spring. I will have them transferred sometime soon, and if I become pregnant it becomes even more essential that his memory be honored so that any child or children of ours will in some way know their father.

Isn't it amazing that last year at this time Michaela was one of those embryos? It makes me wonder what lies ahead for each widow--surely we know how life can change forever in an instant. Do we understand those instants can be as full of marvel as they've been as full of pain? May Michaela grow strong and beautiful as an honor to both her earthly father and her heavenly Lord.

On another subject, I hope you've been praying for those who have suffered so many terrible tornadoes and floods this year. Travel plans took us south two days after the tornados hit there the end of April, then so many folks were evacuated from flood zones along the Mississippi while wild fires ravaged Texas, and then Joplin was hit, then Massachusetts . . . A week after the Joplin tornado the warning sirens blared while I was working at the library so we had to gather everyone into our back hallways. From where I stood I could peek around the corner to see through a glass door how the wind whipped tall trees like little houseplants. The golf-ball sized hail pelted down like machine gun fire.

I've got to get this wallboard off
so mold doesn't destroy the house.
Tom and I have wanted to train for disaster relief with our church ever since we learned of it two years ago. Several months ago we finally got our act together enough to sign up for the training on May 20 and 21! By May 27 we were "deployed" and on our very first "mud out" for flood victims in southern IL--folks who were not warned or evacuated by the government.

Mary, Nita, and Ruth
Our disaster relief team was housed by the generosity and hospitality of a great church, Dorrisville Baptist in Harrisburg, IL. Guess who were instrumental in supporting us with great meals, showers and any comforts they could think of? Widows, of course!

Nita's husband passed less than two weeks ago, but here she was serving us. Their many years of music ministry to the church have surrounded Nita with much love and support as the whole church mourns this loss and yet rejoices in Christ's redemption and hope.

Ruth, on the far right, lost her second husband just eight months ago; her first husband 25 years ago, if I remember correctly. I'd love to hear her whole story someday. Mary embraced us all with her fun-loving and outgoing personality. I didn't catch if she was a widow, too, but her loving service and concern ministers to everyone she meets.

I also met a widow named Ola, a sister of one of our flood victims. I didn't get her picture, but my, what a story she's lived! And among the many details, I was shocked to hear that although she's been widowed now for eight years, I was the very first widow her own age that she's ever met. I urged her to get on-line and into WCP and Lifeboat. We're not meant to do this alone!

And that is what WCP is all about. I am committed to you because I want you to know God has not forgotten you! You matter to Him; He has a plan and purpose for you and goodness in the years ahead. He loves you dearly and will not leave you abandoned. I pray that you'll know and experience these truths as you journey through grief.

I love to hear from you, I have people ready to pray for you, and I'm always on the lookout for Christian resources to benefit you. So put WCP on your favorites tab, add yourself on Google follow, or simply click back here everyday to know that you are not alone.


  1. God is good.I need to keep repeating this,as this week will be a hard one for me.On the 9th would have ben our 39th anniversary,the 10th marks the day of Jake's passing and the 11th is my birthday.I struggle with these days coming up,but I know that God will see me through,or more likely carry me through.

  2. Dear Ruth, I'm so sorry, June is as heavy for you as Feb was for me. My husband died the day before my birthday, too! A couple of times I moved my birthday to another day. You'll be on my heart and in my prayers all week long. A young widow here in OH also lost her husband on June 10 so the two of you will always come to mind together for me now. ((hugs))

  3. Wow, you packed a lot of info in today's post!

    First of course, congratulations to Joannah on the birth of her beautiful baby girl. So much hair! :-) Her story is further proof (as if we needed any!) that God knows the desires of our hearts.

    And what an adventure you and Tom had! I am sure it was not a coincidence that you met and were fed by widows. I hope they go online and join us here at WCP!

  4. God is good! I'm loving my new job as a mama. Michaela is a joy. But, I have been struggling with the fact that Michael is not here with us. It just doesn't seem right. Sigh...

    Ruth, it is so hard when significant dates are back-to-back like that. November and December are like that for me. I know the Lord will see you through. ((hugs))


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