Saturday, May 19, 2012

Music Video: Do You Dare to Choose? Josh Wilson - Before The Morning

This music video ties together the pain and waiting of suffering that seems so senseless.

Contrary to the instant gratification culture we live in, a person doesn't just believe and gets zapped with a new and happy outlook. We're not equipped with push buttons like that. You don't just jump up from grief all happy and victorious. Some do bounce back quickly and that's good and its possible. But for most of us, it's never fast enough.

We need to recover, rest, and re-learn life. One. day. at. a. time. Sometimes. moment. by. moment. As painful as it is, we're the survivor, God has us here for a reason, and we have a choice--do we dare to believe God can bring good about in our life?

So, as I intend every Saturday, I urge you to carve some rest for your soul this weekend. Be still. Listen to your heart beat. Breathe deeply, in and out. Dare to wait for God. Feed your soul some spiritual food by attending church this weekend. It's hard, I know. That's why you must rest in the Lord.
 Psalm 145:15
Now's the time to rest. Joy will come if you let it, so be rested so you can receive it.


  1. Hi Ferree -

    Powerful stuff!

    When we first get married, there are many adjustments. The process of knitting two people together takes a long time.

    Why would we think the healing of our hearts after the death of a spouse is any less challenging? The idea of being single again is foreign to me. Even after four years, I still feel married.

    The metamorphosis is happening one step at a time, one memory at a time, one risk at a time. Someday I will wake up fully put back together with only a scar to remind me of the pain.


  2. Wendy, I love this song, too. The video pictures were so touching, like it was put together by someone who knows the pain but also the hope.
    And Susan, you've said it so well, the question makes perfect sense and metamorophosis is a beautiful picture of God's new direction. Thanks for sharing your writing talent and your experienced wisdom and wonder. hugs to you both, fbh


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