Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will I Ever Be Whole Again? part 2

Hello, and welcome back to WCP! Today we continue our interview from Monday with award-winning author, Sandra Aldrich.

Ferree: Sandra, you're CEO of Bold Words, Inc., you were an editor for Focus on the Family, you've written your own books, and you're a popular speaker; but as a widow, would you please talk a little bit about how knowing Christ has helped bring you through this? What Scripture has been most comforting to you?
Sandra: I claimed Is. 54:5—“For your Maker is your Husband,” so I talked to the Lord about everything and prayed about every decision. I had married young and had gone from my dad’s authority to my husband’s; having to make my own decisions was new and scary. Hanging onto the Lord was the best decision I made! Our heavenly Father is with us during tough times.

Ferree: What's the best thing you learned about the Lord through this experience?
Sandra: We do NOT pray to air. He is real and He waits to be invited into every situation. And He brings His good out of our pain—if we will let Him.

Ferree: What's the most surprising thing about widowhood you've discovered?
Sandra: My brother-in-law verbalized a surprising thought: Since my husband’s death, I’ve come into my own. His words were shocking at first, but now I realize that because I asked—begged—the Lord to guide me, He opened wonderful door after door for me. Had I given in to panic and demanded rescue from a human, I easily could have jumped into a sadder situation.

Ferree: What encouragement can you give a woman who is in the early raw pain of loss?
Sandra: As I said before--keep hanging onto the Lord. We do not pray to air, and He will guide us if we ask and then wait for His answer.

Ferree: Is there anything else you'd like to share? Sandra: When I was lamenting early in my grief about all I had to do—bill paying, car repairs, house and lawn care--a dear friend gave me wonderful advice: “Keep the children clean and fed. The rest of it can wait.” Whew!

Ferree: Oh, I love it! That's some great advice from your friend, and all over great help from you! Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. I hope that someday soon we can talk a little more in depth about claiming Is. 54:5--what does that mean, and what does it look like?
Sandra: Thank you, Ferree. I look forward to future conversation with you. God bless you--and your important work.
Hugs across the miles,
Sandra Aldrich


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  1. What a great testimony from Sandra Aldrich.


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