Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Widows Stories: The WCP Year In Review

Time magazine awarded Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg their "Person of the Year," People magazine awarded Sandra Bullock "Woman of the Year," but I think each and every widow I've met this year deserves more than either! Widows are some of the most courageous, interesting and amazing people in the world! For the past eleven months I've tried to bring you a different widow's story each week. They've been from the Bible, from history, from the news headlines and also from the great women I've met through this blog. How God works through widows always amazes me. 
Look how many stories we've covered!

Widows from history: Martha Washington, Biddy Chambers, Anne Steele, Elizabeth Warren
Widows of today: Annette, Becky, Debby, Mike's Grandma, Denise, MaryLou, Shannon Spann, Gracia Burham, Miriam Neff, Carol, Eleanor, Cookie, the late Ruth McBride Jordan, the late Barbara Johnson, Melody Green, Myra, and CarolMarie Smith
Widows of the Bible: Widow of Zarephath, Naomi, The Persistent Widow of Luke 18, The Widow In Debt of II Kings 4, The Poor Widow of Mark 12, Bathsheba, Tamar, Ruth, and Anna

All together through this blog I've been introduced to about 50 widows--I have their names and stories in brief and it's my privilege to at least be praying for them by name. If you visit this blog every now and then, I hope you find it a good, secure and useful place. Feel free to introduce yourself and tell your story, too. You might be surprised at how much help it will bring to others.
I'm looking forward to meeting many more in this next year, whether online, in person, or both, I count it a privilege and YOU are my WOMAN OF THE YEAR!
God bless!


  1. Thank-you for this blog.It is a safe place and apace to find help on my journey.God is my strength and my refuge.

  2. Ferree, you are my Woman of the Year!

  3. Thanks for this recap of worthy heroines, Ferree. You are a gifted encourager! God bless you in the new year.

  4. Myra you made me laugh! Hugs back at ya! Ruth, you are very welcome and I praise God for the strength and grace He so freely gives!


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