Saturday, December 4, 2010

Casting Crowns Praise You In The Storm

Have you noticed a "storm" theme this week? Tuesday's post was about driving in snow, Friday's funnie was about snow, Thursday was about wedding rings--and the emotional storm they sometimes stir . . .

We go through storms of all sorts. Many widows are dreading Christmas this year and the extra emotions, the billowing sorrows that they anticipate. In the midst of these storms--weather is such a fine metaphor--let yourself rest and be encouraged in the truth and power of this song. Let me know how your heart is torn and how I can pray for you this week. Just use the comment line below or e-mail me at


  1. I am usually as excited for Christmas as any child is,but this year I am almost dreading it.I miss my beloved so much and can hardly bear to think of Christmas without him at my side.

  2. Dear Ruth, Christmas looms as a real obstacle for widows, especially for you with losing your husband so recently. I'll send you some links with helpful ideas for coping in the next couple days. Do you have any plans yet? When friends offer to help be sure to take them up on it, and also give yourself something to look forward to--like attending a concert or visiting friends . . . Please know that you're not alone and we're praying for you. But more importantly, God knows your struggles, Jesus wept over death, too, and He cares for you tenderly and with lavish grace. Winter can be a cold and lonely time, but as your photography shows, winter also hold stunning beauty, and so will this time in your life when you look back on it. I'm sure you know these things in your heart, but I hope it's helped to hear them again, Grace and peace to you.


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