Monday, November 8, 2010

Widows Rally!

Myra, Me and Jan
Judith Nichols Moore (president of Widows International) & Me
Judi, Carol Marie Smith and Sherron Lane
     Oh, I just got back from Widows International Widows Rally & Leaders Training in Knoxville, TN and I am still floating on the great experience! The three dynamic ladies in this picture above, Judi, Carol Marie, and Sherron are excited and empowered by God to have a heart for widows! Carol Marie and Sherron know what it's like to be widowed, and Judi--well, God just told her to do it, so she does! And she does so with a servant leader's compassion and vision, and the wise counsel and authority of a local church behind her.
     It was soooo exciting and encouraging to hear that God has an amazing plan and purpose for widows. We should not consider ourselves victims--we've not been left without husbands because of chance or accident, but rather because God has chosen us for a special relationship with Him, and that relationship will bring great power and blessing to our local church and to us! Widows are vital to the life and health of the local church! Widows are essential to God's kingdom!
     Also, it was sooooo exciting and encouraging to meet Myra and Jan! Talk about timing--I walked in, turned the corner to head into the assembly room, heard someone call my name, and there was Myra! We'd exchanged cell phone numbers but didn't even need them. It was great to hear how the Lord has put Myra and Jan together like "walking partners." They encourage each other and other widows God brings across their path. Soon they might be starting a widows group in their area!
     I look forward to seeing how God will minister through them! I wouldn't be surprised to someday even see them leading workshops at widows conferences. (I can almost hear them gasp and say "No, no!" as they read this, but I'm not kidding, they really could!) Many of the widows at the rally said that they never dreamed how much the Lord would enrich and fill their lives and hearts. They never dreamed of the places He would take them, the ways they would grow and the talents that God would uncover. There's hope for each of us!
     Thank you, Widows International, for following God's leading in your service. I look forward to next year's rally, seeing y'all and Myra and Jan again, and maybe even more readers from WCP!


  1. I am so glad your heart was encouraged by this conference! Maybe when I'm an empty nester I'll be able to attend!

  2. Was thinking about you today and wondering how the conference was. Thanks for the great update!


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