Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Money Matters

Tuesdays are dedicated to Single Living Skills so send in your handy household tips, recipes, directions for plunging the toilet and all the other fun stuff you get to do now.
If I ever put together "A Widow's Emergency Kit" for new widows (and I intend to do that real soon --please send me your suggestions, ok?), we'll need advice and information on money. One of the best resources around is the Crown Financial Ministries website.
Here are a few of the great things you can use from Crown:
  • Free information, especially this great article for widows
  • Free 20-minute financial coaching sessions: click on Find A Coach on the homepage
  • Helpful Q & A about money
  • Free on-line calculators: credit cards pay-offs, mortgages, debts, loans, wages, rent vs. buy, etc.
  • Children's curriculum to teach them about money and wise spending habits 
Please visit this site and let me know if you find it helpful. Also let me know if there are other Christian financial helps you like. You're comments will help others!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ferree -

    When I attended GriefShare, they advised the grieving not to make any major changes in their lives for a year. It's easy to make an emotional decision about housing, money, and other things and live to regret it.

    I'm familiar with Crown Financial, but I haven't seen this article. I'll be sure to visit it.

    Susan :)


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