Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grief Books for Kids

Books are a good, non-threatening way to help kids open up and discuss what they're feeling. Here are some Christian books recommended by Bridgett and her boys. Visit her blog at

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Someone I Love Died (Please Help Me, God)
by Christine Tangvald
With words that paint a picture children can understand, this wonderful book presents a positive approach by directing children to God as the ultimate source of comfort and security. Fill-in-the-blank sentences allow children to express their feelings and thoughts of the moment. Includes practical suggestions for helping children cope.

Wait Until Then
by Randy Alcorn & Doron Ben-Ami
As a leading authority on heaven, author Randy Alcorn weaves an inspirational tale of a boy, Nathan, and his grandfather sharing endearing moments together. As they enjoy everyday life, they reflect on this fallen world and turn toward the hope that awaits them both with renewed bodies and an anticipation of a celestial game of baseball. It's a heartwarming story that indirectly answers childlike questions about heaven in story form.

What Happens When We Die?
by Carolyn Nystrom
The thought of dying can make any child sad and scared. Will it hurt? Does God want me to die? How do I get to heaven if I'm buried in the ground? In this simple yet profound book your children will see for themselves the reasons people die...and what God has in store for them in heaven. For ages 2-5.
What is Heaven Like? by Beverly Lewis
What will it be like to live with God forever? A boy and his sister wonder that one day when they are missing their recently deceased grandfather. Curious, the boy sets out on a mission to find out, and he won't give up until he asks everybody he knows about eternity! Your children will love Beverly Lewis's engaging story and Pamela Querin's imaginative illustrations--and you'll appreciate the solid teaching from Scripture on every page. It poignantly addresses the questions kids ask most when they are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. The final page offers suggestions for parents and Christian educators. ages 4 to 8.

Feel free to add your favorite titles in the comment line below. On this blog on Thursdays you'll find great Christian websites, authors, organizations or other bloggers, specifically tailored to widows. Thursdays will connect you to some real helpful stuff! ferree

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