Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catch The Next Flight!

Tuesday's topic is Single Living, aka The New Normal. What's the next step, how to make it through a day, fix a flat tire, mend a broken heart . . . how to keep on keeping on.

I have a link for you today that will give you a little time off from grief. Sometimes we're either so oblivious to the world around us, or so overwhelmed, that our thoughts get stuck in the same old rut, slogging through gray shadows and frost.
But here's permission to leave that world for a while today. Follow this link to Flights of Fancy by my blogger friend, Jane. (That's her and Charlie in this picture). We met at a writers conference last spring.
On Flights of Fancy you pretend that you've boarded an airplane and the person in the seat next to you is someone famous you've always wanted to meet! It can be anyone: Elvis, Queen Anne, John the Baptist. . . . or Sean Connery, Michelle Obama, Oprah . . . anyone past or present, get it?  So pick someone.
Now you get to ask them a question! Any question!
For example, I get hooked into watching Dancing With the Stars every once in a while. I love the dancer Cheryl! So if I got to sit next to her on a plane, after I compose myself and quit gushing about how much I love her--she's so beautiful and professional and on and on--then I can ask her anything: is she married, is she in love, and how in the world can she dance in high heels?
Or, lets say I board the plane and I have Christmas on my mind. I find out I'm sitting next to Mary the mother of Christ. Honestly? I think I'd just hold her hand and let the tears stream down my face for a while. But then, the song with all the questions would come to mind, and I'd just have to ask her, "Mary did you know . . .?"
Or maybe I sit next to one of those Christmas story shepherds. Immediately--"What did those angels look like?" That's my question for them.
I also would love to talk to Sacajawea, or my great-great auntie who disappeared in France during WWI. Davy Crockett, the Queen of Sheba, Ruth and Naomi, the apostle John, and Adam or Eve would also be interesting seat partners.
See? You can ask anyone anything! Time and language are not a barrier. Tickets are free.
Board the plane and fly above your problems for a little while. You'll land soon enough. Your mind will feel a little fresher, interest will peak a bit. Be sure to post your person and question on Flights of Fancy. Let me know if you hit any turbulence. ferree

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