Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Widow's Story: Melody Green

Have you sung "There Is A Redeemer" in your church lately? It was written by Melody Green, and recorded by her husband, Keith Green, who died along with two of their children and ten other dear people in a plane crash in 1982.  Keith and the children are buried in a small cemetery less than half a mile from the airstrip, under a headstone reading, "Gone to be with Jesus."

The bio on her blog says, "When Keith died he was just 28 years old. Melody's first born, Josiah, was almost four and Bethany was two years old.  At the time, Melody was at home with their one year old daughter Rebekah Joy and six weeks pregnant with their fourth child.  Melody says, “The rug was yanked out from under my whole world that day."

I urge you to read the rest of her story, praise God for the difficulties He has carried her through, and know that God can do the same for you! Visit her blog at, click on Melody Green and read her bio. ferree


  1. Ferree, Thank you for your ministry to widows. You are precious and God is using you for His glory. Be blessed today, dear one.

  2. I'm a huge fan of Keith and Melody Green. I was listening to his music on my commute today. Can't wait to meet up with him in Heaven. :)

  3. Elaine, you blessed me with your blog post "Widow for a week" today! And Joannah, Heaven's going to rock! Forget the bucket list, I'm making a list of people to meet and sites to see AFTER I die!
    I hope everyone will click on your names to visit the great blogs each of you write. Be blessed!


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