Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where To Start With Finances

One of the most daunting tasks of widowhood has got to be the financial decisions! At a time when it's hard to decide which shoe goes on which foot, you're expected to make important decisions about money terms and unfamiliar policies.

To untangle financial worries, here's a good place to start: What New Widows Need to Know by Howard Dayton, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. After you read the article go to Crown's website for all sorts of budget help. Click the "Tools" and "Articles" tabs to find free advice and, budget guides and calculators.

Thursday posts tell about help for widows. It might be an organization, book, or website. I hope that as we go along this page will become one of the most valuable parts of the blog as it collects perhaps little known, but faithful and essential ministries to widows all over the country, maybe even the world! If you have benefitted from such an organization, book or website, please let me know about it.

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