Saturday, August 28, 2010

12 Good Reasons to Cry

Saturday heralds the weekend, a reminder to cut some time in our schedules to relax and renew. I dedicate this visit for you as a time to read Scripture, say a prayer or just enjoy a moment of sheer rest. Take a deep breath in, slowly let it out. Ahhh . . . If a cry catches in your throat, or tears well up unexpected, that's OK, it's perfectly normal. Let them flow. God designed the body to release its stress and toxins through the valuable mechanism of crying.

Let's look up some special verses from God's Word about crying. Keep in mind these are only a few! You can find many more, but these are a good introduction. Rather than read the verses here on your computer screen, look them up so you can hold them in your hand and let them sink into your heart. Have a restful weekend everyone.  ferree

12 Good Reasons to Cry
  1. Psalm 30:5b
  2. Psalm 34:15
  3. Psalm 34:18
  4. Psalm 40:1
  5. Psalm 126:5,6
  6. Psalm 130:1,2
  7. Ecclesiastes 3:4
  8. Isaiah 53:3
  9. Matthew 5:4
  10. Romans 12:15
  11. II Corinthians 4:8,17
  12. Revelation 21:3,4
What are some of your favorite Bible verses? Feel free to comment or share some other references, too. Thanks!

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