Thursday, July 1, 2010

Showing Love to Widows

Here's an article with some ideas for ministering to widows. Really, many of the ideas could be adapted to other situations, though.

It always depends on the individual, doesn't it? Some of these would not have worked for me at all, some might work on a certain day, some of them were really good for anyone, anytime.

For example, I would have always appreciated the "Include her . . ." suggestion.

But "allow deacons to escort widows to be first in line at the annual church potluck dinner?"-- NOT!
Or maybe I should say, 'Not yet!" I might appreciate that one when I'm about 99? (Also, what do you think of the picture? Beautiful lady but a little dramatic/over-acting, no? Or do you think she's the perfect poster child for widows?)

Showing Love to Widows, Christian Parenting and Family, Page 0

Maybe you'll pick up a few favorites to pass along to others. Feel free to comment! Let's gather a bunch of good ideas and post them here, OK?

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