Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayer Requests

My eldest son James and his grandpa are leaving for Colorado tomorrow (by car). They are going up to visit with John’s best friend, who my kids call “Uncle Duey”. Duey was like a brother to John, and is James’ godfather. Please pray for a safe trip – it is a very long drive – there and back. They will be gone about ten days.
Thank you!

Also, my son Brad asked for prayer for a job interview he has today. It would mean a lot if he could get a different job through this. Thank you, Ferree

Please, pray with me that D.M. call me asap, invite me to go out with him soon and that we begin good relationship if it is God's will! Thank you for all your prayers & dedication of praying and being an obedient servant of GOD! Katarina
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