Thursday, April 22, 2010

Could You Use "A Thread of Hope?"

Welcome to Widows Christian Place! On Thursdays you'll find great Christian resources. Whether it's a website, author, organization or another blogger, Thursdays will connect you to some real helpful stuff! Today I get to offer our very first free book! Be one of the first to email me at and Deb's book (check out the cover pictured here) will be on it's way to you! Enjoy her poem about Heaven and check back tomorrow for a little grin with Friday Funnies. ferree

© by Debby Paine

Lord, I'm standing in a multitude before Your heavenly throne,
yet I feel as though I'm basking in Your presence, all alone.

As I join with all the others to sing praises to Your name
I cannot help but wonder if each one here feels the same...

I've waited, oh so long, Lord, to see You face to face -
to tell You how I thank You for Your amazing grace;

for all Your tender mercies, Your love and goodness too;
the reason that I'm standing here is very simply - You.

Yet, Father, as I look around this vast and peopled sea,
it seems as though Your gaze is focused, Lord, right here - on me!

Oh, God, of all these people, who could have failed You more?
Who could have feared and doubted, or been more insecure?

But You don't seem to notice as You look into my eyes
and reach Your hand to offer me another sweet surprise.

It is a crown of glory - a victor's crown so bright
it splashes rainbow colors upon my robe of white!

And then, my dear, sweet Jesus, You hug me to Your chest!
I am overwhelmed, Lord, by how much You have blessed

first, my life on earth, by walking with me there
and now by offering heaven - so very free of care.

I fall prostrate before You to kiss Your wounded feet,
and lay my crown before You as You sit in mercy's seat.

Then, Lord, I join with angels and every other soul
to sing Your heavenly praises, for You have made me whole.

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