Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Single Living: Protecting Yourself Against Phishing Scams

Are you able to detect scams and protect your identity? Here's a website mentioned at an internet security seminar I attended. http://www.antiphishing.org/ This is a very busy site with lots of places to click--it can be overwhelming. So the first time you visit, just click on the "Consumer Advice" tab (top left corner of the homepage; one of three green-colored tabs) for all sorts of information, such as:
  • How to Avoid Phishing Scams

  • What To Do If You've Given Out Your Personal Financial Information

  • Avoid ID Theft

  • Pay Pal Quiz (scroll down past the cartoon)
This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the info on the site. You can even read about the origin of the word "Phish"--it's pretty scary.

God doesn't want us to live in fear, and on the Internet, with some understanding and precaution we can have many valuable resources at our fingertips so I don't think we should cower in front of the computer.

God's word says it best in I Peter 5:8 which applies to all of life, even online:
Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (NIV)
I love that God doesn't say "Be scared and alert!" Rather, "Be self-controlled and alert."

Speaking of Alert--check your own blog or Facebook profile! Do you really want your full name revealed? Do you really want to let anyone know the exact town you live in? Do you really want your phone number or email address posted for all to see and use? It's never too late to edit your info so please do so today.

Please share your tips, experiences and recommendations about safety on the internet. Add a comment to this post or email me at: wcplace@gmail.com Thanks!

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