Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who's Ferree and how do you say her name?

I'd like this blog to be for the readers, by the readers. Not about me. But I suppose there are basics you'd like to know, reassurances that I'm not some nut case. I'll try to condense this to a handy dandy "10 Things" list and hope you find me fairly normal.

1. Ferree ryhmes with Marie. Easy, isn't it? It was one of my great-grandma's maiden names.

2. Family: 2 girls, 2 boys. The girls, Brooke and Lisa, are married now. Brooke is in Ohio, Lisa's in Seattle. My son, Brad, moved back in with us for more schooling after his employer in Seattle went out of business. My step-son, Aaron, graduated from highschool last year and is playing with a band and working. Tom and I, both widowed in 2000, met on-line and got married in 2002.

3. Do I work? Yes. I work four days a week at a library where I'm a public service assistant, notary public and passport agent.

4. Education: After highschool I went to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and received a diploma for their three year program in Communications. I met my first husband, Bruce Bowman, there. We got married in 1978 and served in three different church pastorates over the next 20+ years--that was a real education! :)
In 1998 I completed my B.A. from Moody. I started grad school at Kent State in 2001, but quickly lost interest in the particular career path. I quit the schooling but never the learning.

5. Doctrinal statement: John 14:6--"Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." That's enough to get me in trouble in many parts of the world today. If you need more than that, feel free to email me your questions. It's good to understand and discuss theology. I hope this blog will cause us all to draw closer to God as we see Him move in our lives, strengthening our faith and trust in Him, for His praise and glory.

6. Pets: two cats, Elmer and Fudd. I've always had a cat or two, and growing up in rural Wisconsin many kitties came and went. I've had dozens. They love me. The last dog I had was our chocolate lab, Mercedes. She was Bruce's dog. He bred her and she had three litters, 25 puppies in all. When she died I was an emotional wreck. Dogs really become a part of the family.

7. One regret: I regret getting cell phones for my kids when they were in highschool.

8. One proud accomplishment: I wear my own holes in my jeans!

9. Hobbies: writing, reading, boating, hiking, biking, having people over, and every once in a while--a baking binge!

10. Sure, friend me on Facebook! Ferree Hardy

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  1. Ferree, thank you for this blog! I became a widow at age 34, with a 1o month old and a 2 1/2 yr old. Its been 2 1/2 years. I can relate to everything you have said here! I am currently dating your friend Kristi's step-son, and she recommended this link to me. You are amazing, thank you again for this outlet!


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