Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thursdays: Resources

Thursday just isn't a word that sparkles, but the postings will! On Thursdays you'll find great Christian resources. Whether it's a website, author, organization or another blogger, Thursdays will connect you to some real helpful stuff! There's a lot of information and help available on the web, but I hope this will soon be the premier place for widows to get connected to reliable Christian help. And I do mean H E L P -- not advertising!

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  1. Hi Ferree,
    A book that has helped me a lot is entitled, "31 Days of Praise" bu Ruth Meyers with Warren Myers. Multnomah books.

    It helps me to learn to praise the Lord each day is spite of the circumstances. For me it was hard in the very beginning of grieving to even contemplate praising God. I have come to the place at the two year mark where I see the blessing of giving Him praise even when my "feelings" may say otherwise. Do it anyway! Praise God from Whom all blessing DO flow.



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