Monday, December 23, 2013

First Christmas, First Tears

Christmas and other holidays can seem like a field of emotional land mines. The very next step can send us flying with unexpected and searing wounds. We can try to prepare and expect these unexpected grief storms, but when they hit they can knock us to our knees.

We'll survive. Yes, somehow or other. That's the nature of grief. It comes in waves like that.

God knows this. He understands. As I've been thinking about the first Christmas so many eons ago, and yet still so fresh, so human, the question occurred to me as I thought about the Newborn's cry---Was this the first time God cried?

I don't know. What I do know is that Jesus lived among humanity, and grew up to be called The Man of Sorrows. He was acquainted with grief. He's able to sympathize with our weaknesses. And He offers us help.

Consider the promises in Psalm 145 and 146. In my Bible they are on opposite pages and almost directly across from each other. As I look at these pages in my open Bible, I can easily imagine them lifting up like butterfly wings--so fragile, so beautiful, so colorful--and just strong enough to fly-- helping my soul to lift, too.

Psalm 145:14 - The Lord upholds all those who fall
and lifts up all who are bowed down.

Psalm 146:8 - . . . the Lord lifts up those
who are bowed down . . .

Mourning Cloak butterfly
Set some time aside this Christmas to get to know the Lord in a new way. If you shed some tears, consider His tears too. As you worship at the manger, bow down and count on the promise that He will -- yes, He will-- lift you up.

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  1. It has been three years since jake went to be with the Lord and yes,I cry from time to time,but,this is the first Christmas season which I can say,I truly am enjoying.I have had extended family over and enjoyed the fun and fellowship.I have enjoyed the music.I know that tears will still keep on coming,but I am ok with that,knowing that they just mean I am still in love with this man,Jake.


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